Why The Chinese Language Comes In My GTA Whereas I Need English

It becomes irritating whenever any other language comes in your favorite game. You can’t read any instructions. This makes you frustrated, and you try and try to change the language into English, and that never happens. The problem occurs with GTA V too, where if you install the GTA V download, the game starts with the Chinese language. If anyone of you faced this problem in GTA V and did not know what to do, don’t worry, there are ways to deal with this problem. You will be able to play GTA V in English and not in any other language, and you don’t need to be a computer geek to do so, if you just know a little about how to operate a computer, you can follow the steps as discussed below.

Following are the steps to change your GTA 5 PC language to English from Chinese:

  • #1 TIP:
  1. Go to the command prompt. You can easily navigate to the command prompt by pressing Win + R key on your keyboard together. Run Window will prompt up, there in the empty box type ‘regedit’ (without the inverted comas) and press OK;
  2. Register Editor Window will prompt. There at the left side of the Registry Editor Window you now have to search for HKEY-LOCAL-MACHINE> SOFTWARE> Wow6342Node> Rockstar Games> Grand Theft Auto V> Language.
  3. In the Language value, click twice with the left mouse button and then enter your desired language, here it is English.
  4. Now, save the changes you made and restart and start playing.
  • #2 TIP:
  1. Go to the root folder of the game. Like the game is at C drive, you go to C drive, if it is on the D drive, go to D drive in the command prompt.
  2. Now, you are supposed to open a text editor file from there named as 3dmgame.ini. A text editor such as Notepad can be used to open any file with an extension INI. INI files are initialization files which are used by Microsoft Windows. They are plain text (ASCII). They are used to set parameters of some programs with the operating system.
  3. In INI file, search for the line “Language = zh-CHT”. You can use Ctrl + F and search the line without going through every Now replace the line as “Language = en-US”.
  4. Save the file and now play.
  • #3 TIP:

If you still find the tips mentioned above are tough, you can easily download GTA 5 crack and start playing,