Which R4 card to buy for 3DS/DS game players in Finland?

Do you know that the R4 kortti supports you to play free games on Nintendo 3DS family devices in Finland. But which one plays ds and 3ds games? Which one hacks 3ds v11.5 and dsi v1.4.5 and nds consoles? Which one is the best to buy in Finland? Here are the answers.

In Finland, which R4 card to buy for both DS/3DS game players?

R4 card plays ds games, not 3ds games. So if you want to play ds and 3ds games via one flashcard, don’t choose the one with R4/R4I title. R4/R4i 3ds card is ds game flashcard, can’t run 3ds games on either 3DS or NDS consoles. If you only want to buy a 3ds&ds game supported card, the upcoming Stargate 3ds one will fits you need.

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To be short, Stargate 3DS will simply beats by far anything available in the market. Simple to utilize, StarGate 3DS is an unquestionable requirement have sidekick for your 3DS/XL, 2DS/XL. No need to check your console version, no need to mess around with dangerous hacks, just PLUG & PLAY. We will be the initial ones to get this card in stock in September, to those of you who pre-arrange from us, you will get the cards in September too. The sooner you order, the faster you can receive this Wonderful 3ds flash cartridge, welcome to the flashcard golden age. 

In Finland, which R4 card works on 3DS V11.5 and DSI/NDS V1.4.5?

Check the following list, these R4 cards work directly on 3DS V11.5 and DSI V1.4.5 firmware consoles. Which means, they can play 5000+ NDS games on new 3ds, 3ds, new 2ds, 2ds and nds, dsi, ds lite and dsl machines.

Brand Official site Firmware or Kernel Game Support 3DS V11.5 and DSI V1.4.5
R4i sdhc 3ds rts r4isdhc.com v1.84b DS Yes
R4i gold wood 3ds r4ids.cn v1.64 wood DS Yes
R4i gold eu 3ds r4i-gold.eu v1.73 DS Yes
Ace3ds Plus ace3ds.com AOS v2.13 DS Ye
R4isdhc 2017 r4isdhc.com v3.9b DS Yes

In Finland, which is the best R4 card to purchase with also the cheap price?

If you only care about the DS Emulation, the R4i sdhc 3ds card is the best one to buy in Finland with good price too. You can get one in R43DSFINLAND.COM, a finnish flashcard seller supports free shipping, free game code and tracking number service.

  • Compared with R4I GOLD 3DS, R4i 3ds sdhc with more functions and features(RTS) and much cheaper to buy.
  • Compared with R4ISDHC 2017, these cards are the cheap clone of R4I-SDHC, so you should buy the original one.
  •  Compared with DSTWO+, r4i sdhc rts 3ds with stronger card quality and longer using time, the most important one is when comparing with dstwo+, R4i sdhc rts 3ds card is very cheap to buy.
  • Compared with ACE3DS Plus, r4i sdhc rts 3ds are always compatible with 3ds/3ds xl latest firmware version, it supports updating patch, but for ace3ds plus, you can not use it once it is banned by 3ds system.