Two best reasons to use a timesheet to best of your advantage

A successful company and one which is not most of the time differ in just one factor – the way they manage time. In a majority of the companies, time is wasted on mundane works and important work is left out. If organizations wish to be more productive and organized, then they need tools such as timesheet. You can even get an idea how to use a timesheet and thereby how to manage tasks and time better with the help of free printable time sheets.

Here are the two most important reasons to use a timesheet:

Employee management: One of the main pillars that support your organization is the employee factor. The more productive they are, the more profitable your business will be.  The timesheet can be of help to manage the employee timings and tasks effectively. You will be able to record their clock in and clock out time and also the number of hours they are spending in doing work. It is not that you can record productive time but even unproductive time which will include the leave, unavailability, training period and so on. Having all such important data in front of you will mean that you get an idea as to how time can be more effectively managed and how unproductive time can be curtailed. It is also now possible to know how a certain task is being managed and whether the time and energy allotted to a certain work is more than what is needed. It is not just about tracking time of employees but a timesheet will also help you understand if certain employees are handling more workload than necessary and if someone is getting enough work or not. Unnecessary workload will decrease employee deficiency and make them more stressed, which is not good for any organization. Thus, with a timesheet, you will be able to utilize the strength of employees in a far more productive manner.

Project management: One of best advantages of a timesheet is better project management. Handling projects in more efficient manner will mean better profits for a company. On the other hand, if projects are delayed or if they are handled ineffectively, it will mar the reputation of the company and perhaps, no one will even be ready to give them any projects. By using a timesheet or even the free printable time sheets, it will be possible to see how a project is managed and how time, energy and workforce is spent on each. It will notify how employees are working on various tasks, how much time is being spent, and so on, as all these actually mean a cost to the company. It is true for both external project and internal projects. By recording all the steps and process of a work on a project, the billing also becomes more accurate.

A timesheet is thus not just about effective management or tracking time but it also paves way for a better and a more efficient way of doing business which will prove productive for organizations in the long run.