Top App Development Companies are continuously finding ways to remain top in the industry that is ever changing and also very competitive. Creativity is all that is needed in this industry. Creating new Apps that meet the needs of the user needs usage of a coding language that will match the developer’s creativity without compromising the simplicity needed by the App users. App Developers prefer using the latest HTML language which is HTML5 in their mobile app development. HTML5 can work comfortably on different devices and browser. This is the key reason why HMTL5 is preferred than other languages since different users use different devices and browsers as well. Other top reasons why HTML is used in App development are discussed below.

  • Multi-Platform Compatibility

Different App users use different devices with different operating systems such as Blackberry, iOS, Windows and Android. HTML5 apps can work perfectly on these operating systems. Also, the devices that support HTML5 can also support HTML5 browser-based application. This makes HTML5 very suitable for App Developers to code their mobile apps whenever they want.


  • Ease of Mobile Apps Development

Using HTML5 to develop an App you only need individual parts installed which can be used together is Java or an open source tool. Hosting the same app is also very easy since after developing it you only need to upload it to the App store or different device store. This is very easy if you compare it with native applications which have many conditions, terms, and policies. This simplicity leads Top Mobile App Developers to use HTML5 in App development.

  • Ease Updating HTML5 Based Apps

Comparing Hybrid and native apps, HTML5 mobile Apps needs to be updated for every device platform separately according to the operating system of the device. HTML5 Apps users can update them manually and also they can also update themselves automatically when the users’ devices access the internet. This reduces the stress and irritations which come to users by the popups that keep on reminding the user to update the app.

  • Flexibility in Design Features

HTML5 is a language that gives the Top Mobile App Developers the freedom to code as they wish. They can use different frameworks, tools, libraries and features according to the experience and skills of the developer without complicating the user experience. This makes developing Apps with HTML5 fun and becomes one of the reasons App developers uses HTML5.

  • Optimum Usage of Mobile Device Features

App Developers can develop different apps considering the native characteristics of the native devices. HTML5 doesn’t need any modification for a particular device. You only code it once and use it well optimizing all the device features.

  • Effective App Functioning

HTML5 is equipped with features that guarantee effective functioning of the App. The code is easy to develop and also easy to correct any mistakes that may occur during development. Also, improving features is easy and the users can download updates easily from App store.

Top App Development Companies needs to develop Apps that are easy to use. Users always don’t use complicated apps. Therefore, it’s very key for the developers to ensure simplicity of their App usage is a priority when they are developing any app.