Tips on How To Set Up Your Surround System


Receiving your new cordless HD wireless speakers is just half of the fun, now you have to also get it all properly connected. This new multi-room audio system means that you will not need all those irritating cables running through. Every speaker comes with its own amp, as well as a wireless base station which helps keep all the channels synced. The sound is impeccable, you will experience the movies you love with cinema quality sound.

1. Center Channel

This speaker takes care of the majority of the dialogue which is spoken, it should be located as close to the mouths of the characters, in other words, the centre bottom of your Television. Mount your set as well as the centre channel to the wall. If you find that the dialogue is very quiet and the rest of the sound quite loud, if your home theatre is properly set up, the centre sound should be able to be boosted in order to provide perfect sound balance.

2. Stereo Right and Left

If you want to get the most out of your favorite films, the speakers should be placed a few feet from both sides of the screen, look for the area of your sofa that aligns directly to the televisions, and turn the speaker boxes slightly in that direction, we refer to this as “toeing in”. Begin at twenty degrees, try out angles which are tighter until you find the perfect sound. When viewing as a group, the soundstage can be widened by slightly twisting the speakers back, almost straight on.

3. Sub-woofer

It is difficult for your brain to spatially locate low frequencies, you sub can, therefore, be placed anywhere you think it sounds best. Playing something with a lot of basses while sliding the speaker around is the best way to test your arrangement. You should not place your subwoofer in a corner or right up against a wall, this will exchange the punchy low end for a boomy and overwhelming sound.

4. Surround Channels

Birds chirping, wind blowing, cars passing, gunshots in the distance, the surround channels are for ambient effects. You want these placed on shelves or stands which are right above ear level, they should be aimed for your head. The best place is either behind or beside your sofa. Do not have any objects between you and these speakers, they will sap away the sound. The surround effect will be ruined if they are placed on the floor so that should be completely avoided.

5. Your Decor

Look over your decor, it may be taking away from the desired effect. A carpet works much better than a bare parquet floor, by adding echo killing curtains or fabric wall coverings you will experience a really amazing soundtrack journey.