Things to Check before Purchasing a Used Car

The feeling of owning a car is always mind-blowing. People go for the best when it comes to car. Indians are crazy about cars and used cars are first in the race in the Indian market as the prices are really affordable. Buying cars from pre-owned car dealers come with lot of benefits. They provide certificate and some dealers also provide free servicing up to six months of purchase.

It is sad, but the fact is that the value of car depreciates by 15 percent from its original value each year and in some high end cars it may go up to 20 percent. All the major cities in India have a good collection of used cars. But most of the people prefer buying used cars in Mumbai, India as they are mostly well maintained and are much cheaper than in the other metros.

Some buyers are satisfied after buying a used car because saving is always guaranteed in this type of deal. Buyers find all high end electronic cars at a nominal price in Mumbai when compared to the other states of India.

As the craze for used cars is increasing day by day, the younger generation is stepping into this market by demanding some international brands and SUVs. To fulfill the demand, car sellers are now offering certified used vehicles. Car dealers also provide mechanic inspection at very low charges so that buyers are always satisfied.

Used car workshops are so modified and well equipped that they provide up-gradation and polishing with complete physical check so that one can have the feeling of buying a new car.

Here are some more important things that you should be checking before you buy used cars.

  • The important thing to keep in mind before purchasing the vehicle is to check if the car displayed on sale is genuine or not. Recently, Mumbai police have registered more than hundreds of cases of cars being stolen and sold in used car market.
  • Before you agree to make the payment, you will have to very carefully get the car inspected with the help of a mechanic and ensure that everything is in working condition.
  • Transfer all required certificates like Registration Certificate from owner to your name at your nearest RTO office by filing Form 29 and 30. Within 20 working days, you can apply for it and within 2 months you can receive new RC copy.