The Unique And Updated Features Of The Home Automation Security System

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Companies which manufacture and install security systems are coming up with a diverse array of high-end products and sophisticated techniques. Technological advancement has brought things to such a pass that it is possible for the leading security system facilitators to offer cutting-edge systems. In this context, it is worth noting that security technology has advanced, by leaps and bounds. So, as a security provider, you can avail of a top notch Home Automation Security System that offers lots more than sheer beeping sounds. Previously, you could only think of providing products that gave out alarms when users failed to punch the code quickly. Such systems were equipped with magnetic sensors and control panels. With the occurrence of an emergency, it would send signals which could be communicated through the users’ phone line.

Wireless package includes the following

The presence of alarms, magnetically operable sensors and door chimes are the inevitable parts and parcels of every Home Automation Security System. Every system has a monitoring panel that connects with a remotely located alarm monitoring platform. But now with the availability of a few more compelling features, it has become possible to add to the power and potential of the security systems. The use and application of the wireless technology have come a long way towards ensuring remote monitoring. It is possible to keep track of all that is going on, without depending on the homeowners’ telephone lines. The package consists of powerful cameras, wireless sensors and option for GPS navigation.

Has cellular backup

The manufacturers are equipping the system with the GPS tracking device. So, when it comes to staying on track, the GPS-based vehicle tracking facility puts the homeowners in total command. In this context, it is worth noting that the navigating option also facilitates asset tracking. The modern and updated security systems have a GSM-based cellular backup, and this aspect also serves as an added edge of an advantage. Owing to the presence of this GSM-based backup, it has become possible for the security providers to attune the system to the users’ mobile phones.

Some more features

Advancement made in the video, as well as, imaging technology has helped manufacturers to equip the Home Automation Security System with the high-definition camera feeds. The DVRs facilitate recordings which are fed into the camera. Remote controls allow users to zoom the respective cameras, with the help of which they can catch a glimpse of the proceedings that have taken place. There is an in-built facility for storing the voice commands, viewing videos, adjusting the level of light controlling locks while moving and saving energy with the help of thermostat. It is needless to say that advancement in the wireless technology has enabled manufacturers and installers to provide the system with these top notch features.

Benefit of automation

The development in the field of automation technology has also enabled makers and manufacturers to combine two-way communication. Consequently, it has become possible to integrate the Home Automation Security System with mobile applications.  The users just need to be in touch with their handheld device. As long as they are connected, they can get the necessary information about their home and whereabouts. The situational presence is no longer a barrier for it has become possible to use the handheld gadget for adjusting the thermostat, turning on lights, and locking and unlocking the doors.