The Importance of Lights on Your Boat

One of the most popular weekend or part time hobbies that many families have is boating. It can be a sail boat or just a small boat for fishing but it brings a lot of families closer together.


In the spring as early as possible is the time when the boat comes out of dock, so that the owners can see what needs to be done to get the boat ready for the summer boating season.  This means testing all the lights and replacing any that are not working. This is a good time to replace with boat LED light bulbs as they are the best when out on the water.

Lots of lights

Many boats have an array of lights from spotlights and light bars to LED underwater light as well as interior boat lights. Some of these lights are required while others are not but they all need to be working as you never know the boating conditions that you will find when you are out on the water for a day or more.

LED lights

With boat lights it is advised to get the best bulbs that are available and that would be LED lights.  To reduce maintenance time as well as cost on your boat most boating experts advise replacing the traditional incandescent bulbs with the direct LED marine replacement bulbs.


Lighting is important

Lighting is serious business because they will prevent you from running aground or from hitting anything. When you are far away in the middle of a lake or river, it is easy to suddenly hit something and be stuck in a bad situation. And at night time they are really important to keep you from running into another boat or another boat from running into you.

Lighting defects

The simple fact about lighting and boating is that about 33% of the boats have lighting defects. If you are not sure about the lights on your boat have a boating expert come out to your dock and check your boat.

Common problems

A common source of a problem is that often something has been installed on the boat in front of a light and is blocking it. These lights can be:

  • Radar scanners;
  • Searchlights;
  • Dinghy’s

You often don’t notice this until an accident has happened. So, don’t let this happen to you by getting all your boat lights checked and ready.