The Importance of Amazon Web Services and RPO

Amazon Web Services (AWS) are something that many rely on in today’s world. As a cloud based platform that is widely used around the world, it has an excellent reputation for flawless data and file storage. Many companies already use AWS to counteract any data disaster that may strike.

The two most critical aspects of any disaster recovery plan are the recovery point objective, RPO for short, and the recovery time objective, RTO for short. It is important to understand the difference between these two terms.

RPO is defined as the amount of information a company can afford to lose without having to halt production as a result. If you own a company, you will need to determine how much RPO you can comfortably afford. You can’t move forward with any disaster recovery plan until you do.

AWS RPO is crucial to the success of your company. Using Amazon Web Services, you can ensure that your RPO is ideal for your current situation. It will help you stay on track and on budget. If you set your RPO correctly in the event that you lose data, you can recover it within a time period that works for your company.

The timing is crucial when it comes to your RPO since the longer it is the more expensive it will become. When you find yourself only running a backup one time for every 24-hour period, in the event something goes wrong you will lose all the data from the previous 24 hours. While some companies can afford to take this kind of hit, others can’t. This is when RPO becomes so important, as it runs in real time. This means that as soon as your company acquires new data it is backed up immediately.

When your company is searching for a new way to handle disaster recovery be sure to consider N2WS.  Using AWS, you can ensure all of your company’s data will be safe in the cloud.