Tech Upgrades That Will Change Everything

tech upgrades

Tech upgrades are happening every day. As a matter of facts, while you read this sentence, a fewof them happened. Not big ones but even the small ones have an effect on our surroundings. Certain tech upgrades change a lot in our world. For example when phones started having a touch screen. That was a huge breakthrough that determined the future of mobile phones. And look at us now. All phones have a touch screen. But what’s next? Let’s find out together.


Over the last few years, computer scientists have been working on making robots more and more advanced. As a matter of fact, many households already own a robot or two. Alexa is just one of them. This is a smart home robot that is used by millions of people every day. Alexa is a virtual assistant developed by Amazon.  It is capable of voice interaction, music playback, making to-do lists, setting alarms, streaming podcasts, playing audiobooks, and providing weather, traffic, sports, and other real-time information. Users are able to extend Alexa’s capabilities by installing “skills”. 10 years ago if somebody told you this, you would have a hard time believing them. But now it’s a reality. And over the next few years, robot tech upgrades will evolve even more and will be more available. This is just the beginning and we can’t wait to see what the future holds. Maybe one day you will need to have specialized storage facilities you can contact when in need of extra space to keep your robots.

human and robot hand

Humans and robots might be the same one day.


If you still aren’t familiar with drones, you better start learning now. Drones are small flying objects that are controlled by humans. Firstly they were only used in the video making and film industry to film certain things from the air. They were very expensive when drones firstly appeared even though they weren’t very good. But now, they are coming out with brand new drones with new, better, smarter features and the end to these tech upgrades isn’t even close. Drones are becoming smaller and lighter but better quality. The cameras attached to them are one of the best in the markets. And the prices are only rising. But once they start making these drones with more features the prices of the older models will go down and everyone will be able to have one. To fly a drone, in certain countries, you need to have a license. The plan is to make these drones to good and strong that they can deliver big packages and maybe even transport people one day. Maybe one-day moving companies such as start using drones to move your furniture. Who knows?


We have all heard of holograms. We have seen them in movies and TV shows. But now they became a reality. Scientists figured out a way to make holograms. For now, it still seems a bit undeveloped but like we already said, scientists and programmers are working on these things every day. We can only expect to see the change for the better. Maybe one day in the near future our phones will have holograms instead of touch screens.

hologram on a phone

One day, our phones will have hologram technology


For some people, smartwatches don’t seem that impressive but they actually are. A smartwatch is basically a phone on your wrist. And this ‘wrist phone’ is getting better and better with every new launch and update. One day, everyone will own a smartwatch and that smartwatch will be able to do anything you want it to do. Analyze your pressure, the level of sugar in your blood, the quality of air around you, etc. Big companies such as Apple are working on this technology on a daily basis trying to make it better, smarter and with more features that will attract buyers and maybe one day replace the best phones.

Electric Cars

Tesla is one of the biggest companies that is investing in developing electric cars. Electric cars are good for our environment and that’s why they are so expensive. For now, there aren’t many models of these cars but new companies are surfacing every day with new ideas, models, better prices, new features, etc. It’s just a matter of time when will electric cars completely replace regular cars.

electric cars charging

Electric cars are very popular and will only continue to be better and better


One of the things people found very funny once it appeared is Bitcoin. Bitcoin is basically virtual money that is worth a lot. You can transfer it to real money too. Once it appeared it was very cheap, but now it’s worth much more. This type of money will only be more and more available and one day, the whole world will start using this virtual money. With that, they will have to work on making it extra secure and safe so people are protected from online hacking.

Conclusion on tech upgrades

Tech upgrades happen every day so be patient, many more are yet to come and surprise us. Nothing can be done well overnight. With how it looks, we are closer to the future from the movies than we think we are. Soon we will be surrounded by holograms, electric cars, and people will be flying with drones to work all by talking on their smartwatch.