Solution for backing up data from your Mac OS device

As you are trying to think of the viable options to backup information contained in your Mac OS operated device, and trying to sync it up with other devices and accounts too, here are some solutions. Though not all of the solutions which came to the market after the Sync function vacuum of OS X were really helpful, but there came in some really good softwares and apps which really helped.


This one is the list toppers for being one of the best solutions to syncing of Mac OS operated devices to any other device and cloud account. With the use of SyncMate one can actually take backup of any data in the Mac OS operated device. Your phone book, address book, videos and photos, tunes and songs etc, all can be taken backup of. Hence syncing is no more a problem with the availability of this Mac Synchronization software.


Offering the highest number of options for syncing like Google, Dropbox, Office 365, iCloud, Android and Mac computers and phones etc, and much more, it actually bears a long list of apps and devices for syncing. Hence it gives you all the options that you might need for backing up of data and connecting to other accounts and devices.


This is another supporting app which helps you backup, and sync data between any Mac device and a computer, phone, cloud storage, FTP and so on. Hence you have a wide range of choices when you are using GoodSync.

Besides there are some online and cloud based syncing solutions too which works.


This online cloud account gives you options to backup your data in your Mac operated device. But there is no direct syncing is possible like calendar data or iTunes data syncing. You may sync all other general files and folders.

But the problem is that online services like Dropbox and iCloud are good only when you are connected to the internet. If there is no internet connection you simply can’t get any help from them.


It is quite popular as a cloud storage for the amount of free space it gives to each user. And if you are a Mac user you have this facility to get this connected to your Mac device, so that you may take online backup of your files and folders and access them from anywhere as long as you have the internet connection.