Smart App Building for You

Do you have a great idea? Great, now make sure to keep it simple. Build your app as you go. The city was not made in a day, is it? It will be the same for your application. Do you have plenty of feature ideas for your application project? Do you want to implant all of them from the V1 of the app? Know how to stay realistic for your approach. First, do not spend all your time, or all your money on the V1 app. When you build an app then this is the perfect deal that you will be having now.

A V1 is very often subject to changes, regardless of the quality of the developers with whom you have worked. If there is one thing that is very difficult to anticipate, to see impossible, it is the user feedback. Once the app is fully developed, has undergone all possible tests and unimaginable, it will remain the ultimate test: the customer. If you spend all your money on the V1, you will not be able to make the changes requested by your users. This could seriously affect your application, which is why we advise you to really think about the first version of your app.

Know differentiate yourself from the competition, without developing an application too complicated and that would require too much time for the user to understand its use. If you succeed, it will be one more step towards success.

Learn about the differences between iOS & Android

Mobile app development on iOS is different than Android. The result will not be the same as 100%. Indeed, both platforms have a lot of differences. Of course, the operating systems are different, but everything does not stop there. The style of design is also different, and it is an extremely important thing not to neglect on pain of receiving an ocean of criticism. Maybe you never noticed, but there are lots of graphic differences between the Android version and the iOS version of an application. This is due to differences in operating systems. Neglecting this kind of detail can greatly undermine the user experience, and therefore the success of your application. From elegant media this is the perfect deal now.

iOS vs Android

In addition, iOS users do not have the same requirements and expectations as those of Android. In general, iOS users are considered to be harsher and more demanding. Just like the blinds. Indeed, Apple’s App Store is very strict and you must comply with its large number of rules under penalty of having your application removed. On the contrary, the Google Play of Android is much more open. Indeed, you will even be able to offer your application in Beta version to have a user feedback even before the official release of the application.

Thus, it will be crucial that you know the differences between Android and iOS if you want to create a relevant application on each platform. This is the perfect option now for you.