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In today’s global business and economic scenario, having a website is always considered as profitable. Having a website means you are visible to the world. Web presence can make you a global company from a small scale local company. Business owners enthusiastically embrace this opportunity to have a perfect website so that they can trade with their products or services with potential global customers or clients. However, creating a website and making it live on HTTP server do not make your job done. You still need to work on your website so that it can reach to the targeted audiences or potential buyers.

At this point, the idea of online marketing emerges. Different website takes different strategies for online marketing. Some websites opt for traditional online marketing or SEO techniques, while some websites take the root to reinforce their social media handles. Both traditional and contemporary methods work well for different websites. To understand the progress of the website in terms of online exposure and to understand popularity of the website, you need to track certain data. For example, progress in online exposure as well as popularity of a website can be measured by its Google ranking as well as Alexa ranking.


Now, business owners and online marketing experts or webmasters use various tools for the purpose of tracking thee data for a particular website. Various kinds of data tracking have been required for checking or evaluating performance of a website. Gathering these data and interpreting them carefully will also help the business managers or decisions makers to set new strategies for web business marketing or promotional activities. For different kinds of data, different tracking tools are there. One needs a tool that enables all sorts of data tracking on a single platform. This will save time and also make the job of data tracking more organized or tidy. is a perfect platform for this purpose. This is basically an online based tool that gives all necessary information about a website’s performance as well as popularity to the users. You shall get all these data at a single platform. As a result analyzing data will become easier. The process is not just time saving but economical for the users too as this is a completely free to use tool. You can check Alexa rank, Google search page rank, social media hashtags, back links, traffic, website IP, Adsense data, ISP, server location, HTTP header response, share count on Facebook, Google+ as well as Twitter popularity and many more.