Requirement For Estimation To Pay Off Technical Debt

It is true that every part of a code base may not be good and also every defective code is not worth refactoring. Only those faulty codes need to be reworked on which are supposed to bring any business value in the long run. Therefore, there may be cases of tech debts which may be ignored but to find out such codes you need to find out the reason behind and substantiate it properly. Therefore, it is essential that you never implement codes which are supposed to bring better business value without refactoring it well beforehand. This would help you to implement requirements on badly written codes with good enough reason and standard.  

Budget And Implement

Therefore, it is extremely necessary for your assigned team to budget a code before you implement such important features in an upcoming code release. But how can you budget a thing which is not visible or cannot be measured? There are several tools which are useful for this purpose which is necessary to ensure that unnecessary beautification is not made. Direct association of refactoring and requirement can be made easily with such tools. The benefit of using such methods of estimation is that you can discuss and prioritize the refactoring work with your development team. Calculation of the debt and interest is necessary to make any changes.Image result for Requirement For Estimation To Pay Off Technical Debt

Factors For Estimation

There may be several factors which must be taken into account during estimation such as time to market a code. The customer may also know the future changes that are required to be made to the code. It helps to save the future cost of refactoring which may be much higher compared to the cost of refactoring at present. The problem may arise when a development team faces any issue with the code during the implementation of such requirements. The decision of must is taken by the team whether or not they should deliver the code within the time frame with all the functionality within it.          

Accept Tech Debt

You have to accept tech debt and the need for payment of the interest. It is just like any financial debt where you have to continue repaying the interest on time so that it does not accumulate and reach unmanageable proportions. As you go to any extent to pay off your financial debt and even consider credit card refinancing for the purpose, you must pay off tech debt as well so that all the faulty codes are made reusable and sustainable. Such as you usually look for credit card debt relief, similarly you should look for tech debt relief plans so as to make things easy for you and you can live a tension free life.

Decision For Payment

To pay or not to pay is the most important question that needs to be answered once you detect any tech debt as almost all codes consists of parts which are defective. Therefore, the necessity of refactoring is the key factor. Determining the perfect solution for the perfect scenario is also required. There are various options to select the perfect solution. You can repay debt replacing or refactor a code; replace the current solution with another solution which may not be entirely perfect to convert the debt as well or you can live with the code as refactoring may be costly.