ProGo 3000: Road Jams And Lack Of Parking Place Are No Longer Issues

The search for an ecologically clean type of fuel has been alreadyheld for some couple of decades and continues up to nowadays. With regards to the fact that electric cars are still being modernized to be suited to sophisticated driver needs, propane-powered engines currently arrive as an entirely worthy alternative. Although, the advantages of this technology have been discussed dozens of times now, we’d like to contribute to the matter as well, reviewing one of the most remarkable market innovations. The product we’re going to speak about is an engineering of the Los Angeles manufacturer ProGo Recreation, which has recently introduced a propane-powered scooter ProGo 3000 to the wide audience.

Lightweight scooter designed to care of the environment

Despite its minimalistic looks, the model pro go 3000 is primarily designed to fulfill an average user’s needs, such as covering distance from home to work and then getting home again. Its 25cc four-stroke propane engine has enough power to develop speed of 20mph. A 16.4 oz fuel cylinder can easily grant you with 2-3 hours of riding time (nearly 40 miles), which, in fact, can be refilled or replaced in some 3 minutes. This, surely, creates additional conveniences and won’t ever allow you to be late for work.

It should be noted that the model produces no harmful emissions, as unlike gas, propane fuel leaves no wastes. EPA and CARB approvals make it legal to be used practically everywhere. As you probably know, gas-powered scooters are subjected to legal restrains as to be driven in some particular places. With the ProGo 3000 you’ll never face an issue like that. It is small, lightweight and eco-friendly. And can be operated even inside a building due to its tiny dimensions and rare and front disk brakes.

Compact vehicle that folds and gives space for maneuver

Speaking of the advantages of the model on review, one can’t neglect the fact it’s rather flexible to the situations in the streets. Thus, whenever an automobile gets jammed by hundreds of other cars on a road in a rush hour, the ProGo 3000 easily finds a way to get through. This small vehicle will always deliver you to your final destination with no delays. As was said above, its tiny dimensions in combination with other characteristics such as light weight and durable steel frame make it an absolutely versatile thing.

Another fact requiring attention is the scooter’s portability. Yes, you don’t need to look for a parking place and leave your transport outside any longer. The foldable handle is designed to make it portable. Considering the fact, the dry weight of a vehicle doesn’t exceed 35 lbs (15.9 kilos) you can take it with you inside the facility, where it won’t take much room. Assuming, lots of colleagues will admit your rational approach to the matter of transport selection and will follow your example too. So, as to describing the benefits of propane-powered appliances, we are done. Hopefully our article was of some fundamental help and you’ll lean towards the idea of obtaining the model, that’s currently becoming an undisputed market hit.