Problems with Google Web Hosting

When you have a new business, and you want to set up a good business oriented website for that itself, but you do not have a very high budget you might want to consider Google webhosting for it. Google is known for the truthfulness, services, and reliability. They are great on these points, and that is what makes them great, but in terms of Hosting, they haven’t proven themselves yet.


They have a wide range of features that are great compared to that of the other websites that are hosting. Firstly it is completely free of cost whereas you might need to pay a fortune if you are to work with companies that provide high-end tools and services. Google can always be trusted because of how long it has been serving everyone for. They are loyal and very punctual with their services too.

But with everything being in place there are some glitches too which shows why you should go for those paid companies and not Google or any free company.


There are certain features and issues that make us want to question Google Web Hosting -2017- Do You Really Want Them? In order to know why you should not, we will list down two of the major problems you will face with Google. Since your website reflects what you or your company is, be careful:

  • Limited Tools: In order to have the latest and best-developed website you need the best tools that are present out there. With the services being free, Google lacks in the best equipment or tools, and thus there would be certain problems like delay in video uploads pictures or shopping carts. So, the work might not be up to the mark.
  • Ownership: When you are hosting with Google, you will not be the owner of any of the content that will be posted on your page, website or blog. Everything that goes up will be registered under Google as their content or information.

Considering all of the above-given advantages and disadvantages, you must go ahead and select what you feel is correct for you. We recommend the paid websites for their high features and also services.