Paper Shredders – What Are They And What Their Benefits

Paper shredders are effective machines that can be used to cut papers in the form of thin strips. However, their main purpose is to destroy sensitive documents and confidential files and contracts so that the files cannot be recreated or misused in any way. No matter if you’re a budding business or an established firm, a paper shredder machine is something that’ll be useful anyway. So, if you’re convinced about the utility of paper shredders and are considering buying one, you might want to have a look at the list below.

4 Best Paper Shredder Machines And Their Most Amazing Features

If looking forward to making a new purchase, you must consider buying a paper shredder from 123ink Canada since the products that they offer are high in quality. The 4 paper shredders given below are all cost-effective.

  1. 8-Sheet Paper And Credit Cross-Cut Shredder

This paper shredder allows destroying 8 documents – that can be office pages, ATM receipt, bills, insurance papers, as well as credit/debit card – together. The shredded pieces are too small to be exploited; just 4mm x 32mm. Besides, it is compact and lightweight; hence, can be mounted at hidden places too.

  1. Fellowes® Powershred® 49C 8- Sheet Cross-Cut Personal Shredder 239368

Best in the class of paper shredders for small businesses, this shredder trims down documents into fine strips with a high shred speed of 4.26 m per minute. Besides, it can shred 8 documents together. Furthermore, it can shred documents continuously for 5 minutes and then, it requires half an hour cooldown time.

  1. Fellowes® Powershred® 99Ci 18-Sheet 100% Jam Proof Cross-Cut Shredder Machine

Perfect for big offices, this 9-gallon bin can shred 18 sheets together. Some of its most stunning features and benefits are given below.

  • It is strong enough to shred CDs, DVDs, and staples alongside the regulars – junk mails, credit cards, paper clips, and staples
  • It has a wide 9” opening and the best thing about this shredder is that it is noise-free
  1. GBC ES12-06 12-Sheet Strip-Cut Shredder

Yet another professional-quality paper shredder, this one by GBC can destroy 12 sheets at the same time and the sheets can be staples, credit cards, and paper clips alongside regular paper documents. The best highlight features of this 6-gallon bin are given below.

  • The paper shreds post destruction are no more than 0.25”
  • It is equipped with a unique viewing window
  • It is provided with a forward switch and a reverse switch to deal with the problem of jamming without having to open the bin and clearing the blocked pieces manually