OctoberFest Web Design, Holiday Marketing, and Animation Tricks

Octoberfest is coming up and the web design world is ready for some spooky tricks! Websites that put an effort into web design will always have great backend results. When holidays arrive, just like Halloween, It is important to keep your website festive with the holiday season! Companies that change their entire design just for one holiday will certainly make an awesome impression for their visitors. E-Commerce websites are known to effectively follow up with each new holiday as they receive stunning results in terms of sales from holiday seasons.

What to do with your web design this OctoberFest?

Following a October/halloween color scheme is the best way to go about it! Every website design company is using holidays to their advantage. Using colors like black, orange, yellow, and even purple can spark up the holiday season. Keep your website layout the same, just switch up the CSS color scheme temporarily for this spooky holiday!

Some of the Best Holiday Marketing Techniques You Need To Read About

Web users love holidays and by placing a ‘holiday hat’ on your website, you will be encouraging those visitors to subscribe, buy, or even click further on your page. Increasing web engagement is a big plus online and in search engine rankings.

The Top Spooky Animation Tricks For Halloween to ReCreate

1-Spider Animation Going Down your Scroll Bar.

2-Bats flying across your home page.

3-Flash of Lightening striking your load homepage.

You can create these animations with css, javascript, or jQuery. Always ensure that effects work on all browsers and devices!

Follow the methods above to make your website this Octoberfest as spooky and interesting as possible!