New Technology Gadgets That Will Change The World

We are in the age of technology and each and every day, new technology gadgets are being developed with the aim of making life even easier. But when asked which of these myriad devices can change the world, it becomes very hard to make a list as there are way too many useful gadgets.

There are even a few gadgets that can be bought very cheap at China wholesale markets which can be called life changing. Here is a list of some gadgets that stood out in this crowded industry.


  • Google glass: This is a one of a kind gadget till now. Eventually others will be able to replicate the tech and maybe even better it, but as of now Google Glass is ruling the roost as far as wearable’s go. Users have given generally positive reviews for this piece of technology. This glass can take picture of things just the way you are seeing it. You can also access information about whatever you want and the info will be given to you in real time.
  • Bioprinting machines: Now this is a technology that can revolutionize medical science. This is no piece of junk that you can buy from just any wholesale electronics store. Though use in the real life world has not started yet, this 3D printing machine can develop. Human tissue, patches of skin, blood vessels etc in a laboratory setting. The hardware is nearly perfect; however there is still room for development in the designing of things to print. There is not many viable designs for printing out body parts.
  • Electronic cars: Tesla Motors owned by Elon Musk is one of the most successful electric car companies in the world. Electric cars are the future in automobile as they are clean, green and sustainable. The natural gas and oil reserves in the world will soon run out and then there will be no way to fuel the conventional vehicles. Bio fuel driven cars and bikes tend to have huge carbon footprints which means that they produce large amounts of green house gases that contribute in global warming. Electrical cars can solve the fuel issue completely and in an eco friendly way.