Metrics needed to help with online reputation

Online reputation management has been a service the public is searching more often. One of the founders of Google even said that in the near future everyone is going to need an online manager to help them appear a certain way on search engines. The best tactic to employ now is create as many social profiles as possible to get them at least ranking.

If you want to take up your social media game up a notch or two, there are social media metrics to look at to see how you are performing. You can even find the numbers of how well your industry, company, products, and competition is doing to get a better sense of where you stand. A good place to start is mentions, which means how many times people mentioned your brand name online. This can translate to the size of the conversation. Tracking mentions for different keywords relating to your company, competition and industry can give you a good idea of what kinds of things people are talking about.Image result for Metrics needed to help with online reputation

To be able to do this, you would need to purchase a platform to measure just how many times those keywords were mentioned. Alternatively, you can count them yourself if you are a smaller company. It is wise to then come up with a response to anyone who does mention your brand. If the comment is bad, it is important to reply and not ignore it since it might help that person come back to your shop and it will show others the stance you took regarding that issue.

Another metric to measure is reach and exposure. It is important to know the distinction between those two terms. Reach is the total amount of people that may see your posts. If you have 5,000 people who like your Facebook page, each post has the potential to reach 5,000 people. Exposure on the other hand signifies the number of followers your followers have therefore you have the potential to reach them as well if they engage with your posts and content. It is greatly important to share interesting things with your followers in order to get them to engage.

Speaking of engagement, it is good to measure just how much your followers interact with you and your content online. This metric is very important since it does help rank things on search engines. The more people interact and engage with your pages, the higher they will appear.