What to Look for When You Need a Fast Computer

The technology of Intel Turbo Boost lets a processor increase its clock speed dynamically when it is needed. The maximum amount for Turbo Boost can up the clock speed at anytime dependent on:

  • Number of cores
  • Estimated current used
  • Estimated power used
  • Temperature of the processor

Cache and RAM

When the CPU finds that it needs to keep using the same data again and again, it stores that data in its cache. This cache is just like RAM but faster due to the fact that it is built into the CPU itself. Both cache and RAM serve as areas for holding data that is used frequently. Without these, the CPU would need to keep on reading from the hard disk and that consumes time.

Cache size


RAM minimizes the hard disk contact, while cache minimizes RAM contact. The larger the cache, the more data is able to be quickly accessed. All CPUs that are i7 have 8 MB cache, with the exception of i7-4770R that has 6 MB. This is why the i7 outperforms all others.


Only one thread can be worked by one core at a time. So, if a CPU is a dual core, then by all accounts only two threads can be served at the same time. But, Intel has what is called Hyper-threading technology. Hyper-threading enables one core to serve numerous threads.

Need for speed

These are some of the main reasons Core i7 processors are considered the best. They are quad cores, and they support Hyper-Threading. This means that 8 threads are able to run on them at the same time. Add that with 8 MB of cache and Turbo Boost technology; this puts the Core i7 above all of the others when you need speed.

More tasks running

The result is you will be able to do a lot more at the same time on your PC, so it is well worth the money to get a computer with i7. This is what you need if you use a computer for more than:

  • Checking emails
  • Reading the news
  • Downloading music

Computers with i7 are best for the speed of gaming or other functions where you use a lot of data time and time again.

Be sure that you read i7 laptop reviews carefully before you decide on what laptop will meet all your needs as well as your wallet.