LoMag – A perfect program to make inventory management easier

Inventory management plays the most significant role in recognizing what your company has in the warehouse as well as where the stocks of your business are located. These are most essential things, so you need to optimize it carefully. Many latest techniques are now to optimize the inventory, but the best and simple inventory management tool make the inventory management much easier. For achieving the maximum benefits, you can ensure that your integrated program must be scalable, flexible, real-time, intuitive and simple. LoMag is an intuitive program that helps you to manage your warehouses effectively.   It has many excellent features make it an ideal choice for companies that include warehouses requiring professional management.    When you integrate this program in your warehouse, it brings you the competitive edge along with the abilities for planning effectively.  Apart from that, it also lets you execute the plan predictably with your customers. These are critical processes that not only reduce labors cost, but they minimize errors linked with the manual reconciliation.

Unique Features

It is helpful to know the specialties and unique features of this software before using it. The perfect understanding let you efficiently use the tool.  An official site is a right platform where you can check the great features of  Intuitive Inventory Management

  • The great support of both accounts and prices is optional
  • The friendly and intuitive UI created in an advanced technology (Microsoft .Net)
  • The data base of this program relies entirely on a stable server engine (Microsoft SQL) that brings complete support for the multi-user access.
  • Support of FIFO, data collections, label printers, barcodes and LIFO
  • Operation on several user authorizations, computers, support of a limitless number of entirely independent warehouses
  • Very easy correction and creation of the received notes, issued notes, internal received notes of goods, inter-branch transfers, discounts, inventories, and corrections
  • The label designer in this tool enables you to design your labels
  • There is an efficient graphic document editor available in this tool that helps you to design the print templates along with barcodes and photographs
  • It includes a probability for configuring report that may be moved to the Excel file by using one click

Get Excellent Technical Support

The most effective features of this software allow you to enjoy numerous benefits including:

  • Stating your inventory precisely in the financial reports
  • Optimizing inventory for meeting your ROI and product availability goals
  • Offering inventory visibility to the supply chain partners

The best and finest management tool includes many highlighting features that help you to save time, grow revenues as well as make smart decisions. By using the inventory management program, you can receive numerous benefits over your competitors.   The cost of this program is affordable. Along with reasonable price, it also comes with great technical support. The most attractive features attract many clients toward it that include service companies, trade companies, construction industry, restaurants, trade companies, advertising, offices, e-commerce, private use and much more. Therefore, using perfect inventory management software is an affordable and smart way to reach your business goal.