Location Based Targeting Tech For Mobile Apps

Thanks to advanced internet technology of 20thcentury and of course our smartphones, companies and corporations can collect and provide the information of locations of people with asking their permission. This highly valuable data is using for many purposes nowadays especially in advertising domain but today I will talk about how mobile apps can benefit from advanced location-based targeting options to increase their mobile app downloads and user engagement through in app activities like push messages.

What is Location Based Targeting Tech?

Classical advertising methods begin to lose their influence and cost-efficiency for brands because of the domination of personalization era which means that acting by knowing where, when and how to interact users for the best. Location-based targeting technologies which are Bluetooth, WiFi and GPS, allows us to comprehend specific preferences of users by providing personal information about them like location. However, as you can imagine acquiring this knowledge from data companies is going to cost substantial amount of money.

But is it worth it for app developers? and How can you benefit from location information of mobile app users?

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Advantages of Using Location Based Targeting For Mobile Apps

  • Creates Familiarity

Knowing one’s personal information allows you to be one step closer to him/her like friends. You can personalize your content to draw their attention among numbers of other notifications in their smartphones. This increases your message views and engagements slowly over time when they are familiar enough your app.

  • Right Place, Right Time

As you will know, getting push notifications or messages in inappropriate times and places can be a very annoying. In the contrary, time and location effective pushes are very effective in terms of user happiness and engagement. For instance, if you have a movie stream app, you can recommend a movie to watch when they arrive home rather than in business office or school.

  • Related Content

Providing relevant content to your users can increase conversion and purchase rate in a retail app. You would be happy if you are pay less money when buying something on internet compared to stores right? So retail apps can push users, when they arrive a shoe store, about their discount on their shoe store.

As a result, knowing where your mobile app users are, is give you an opportunity to build strong bonds with your customers by pushing them appropriate time and location with a relevant content which makes your app more useful in many ways.