Is Solar Energy Really the Future?

Many people are turning to solar energy as an efficient upgrade to their energy needs within their home. Solar energy appeals to those who not only want to save money on their energy bill but also reduce negative impacts on the environment and increase a property’s value. Though the sudden boom in solar panel installation and solar energy use among modern homeowners may have others wondering if this trend is simply a fad and little else, here are some legitimate reasons to consider why solar energy use among property owners has a long-term future.

The Significant Reduction of Electric Bills

Electric bills can take a chunk out of monthly expenses regardless of whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner. However, with a solar panel system, it’s possible to generate free power to the property for decades. Even those who decide not to rely solely on solar power for an energy source can still enjoy a significant reduction in their utility bills which can save lots of money over the years.

Be Prepared For Rising Energy Costs

One of the most common reasons that people turn to solar energy as an alternative to traditional methods is because residential electricity prices continue to rise each year. Investing in solar energy can help you fix in your rate while protecting you against future increases in electricity costs. Businesses can better manage their expenses without worrying about a widely fluctuating energy bill if they turn to solar energy to keep costs more predictable.

A Good Long-Term Investment

Because of significant electricity bill savings, many people would suggest that solar panels aren’t even really an expense; they’re more of a great way to invest. Most homeowners who invest in solar panels are able to pay off their new energy system in 8 years and then enjoy a return-on-investment of 20% or more.  

Benefits for the Whole Community

Going solar isn’t just beneficial for the buyer, it’s also a great way to “go green” since solar energy doesn’t harm the environment and contribute to toxic air. Many businesses that choose to go solar also see an increase in sales as they begin to attract new customers who appreciate their initiative to be more environmentally aware. As people continue to look forward to taking care of future generations, solar energy is a great option for preserving the environment which is a major argument for solar energy as a long-term choice. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency claims that the average U.S. household emits around 20 metric tons of carbon pollution into the air every year. For those who live in a larger city and have seen the smog as it settles above the tops of the trees and buildings, this is a very discouraging fact. However, with solar power, greenhouse gas emissions may one day be a thing of the past.

Increased Property Value

Investing in solar panels can be an investment in the value of your property. Homes and businesses that come equipped with solar panels sell for significantly more than properties that are otherwise very similar but aren’t equipped with the same. Most buyers are very interested in looking for a property with a built-in way to save money on their utility bills while also reducing their personal negative impact on the environment, and they are willing to pay more upfront to enjoy years of such benefits. Many new homebuyers and interested business owners won’t consider a place that isn’t set up with solar panels if they have a comparable option that is properly set up.

U.S. Energy Independence

The sun is a source of ongoing energy that isn’t about to run out anytime soon. As one of the world’s greatest resources of power, those who invest in solar panel energy set-ups can assist the United States in becoming more independent in the energy sources. Global energy markets have always been unstable and prices fluctuate, sometimes dramatically, from year to year. As the U.S. moves more toward independent sources, such as solar power, we become less dependent on other countries for our energy sources and thus better able to avoid a fluctuating market.

As the popularity of solar energy solutions continues to rise, companies such as ACN Inc. (find ACN reviews online) and others like them are providing modern solutions for savvy homeowners and business owners who want to save money, reduce hassle, and protect the environment. If you’re wondering if solar power has a future, the answer is undeniably “yes,” and it’s a future that’s looking bright.