Important Reasons That Modernizing IBM I Applications Is Beneficial

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Wondering, why is that the customization of IBM I applications is becoming so necessary despite they run pretty smoothly? The answer is that the IBM system doesn’t allow easy integration with new apps, tools, programming languages, and technology. Which is why it’s recommended to buy modernization tools like iModernize by Fresche. Such tools allow seamless transformation of old IBM computer languages like RPG and COBOL into the newer ones like Java. And this is just 1 benefit of modernization tools. Since there are multiple such tools, so are the benefits. Scroll through the guide below to find out what are the other modernization tools and their benefits.


2 Analysis And Strategizing Tools To Transform IBM I Applications


IBM I applications can be easily customized to support new technology with the help of the following 2 tools that you must know about.


  1. X-Analysis Suite – The X-Analysis suite is a mixture of many analysis tools like X-Analysis View tool, X-Analysis Advisor Tool, and X-Analysis Resize tool. All these tools, collectively, serve the purpose of providing IBM I applications with user-friendly interfaces and features given below.


  • They integrate existing IBM I apps with a modern GUI interface that can run on all mobile devices
  • They allow easy and swift code change and also evaluate the quality of the new code and its impact on the business
  • They allow easy data extraction and easy variable and source code tracking to allow seamless workflow


  1. NewLook Suite – NewLook suite, just like the X-analysis suite is a combination of multiple transforming tools including NewLook Developer tool, NewLook Server tool, and Openlook tool. The collective benefits of all the tools and applications in the NewLook suite are given below.


  • They can modernize green screens into the newer and more advanced UI interfaces that work well and are compatible with the web as well as most modern mobile devices
  • They allow developers to get creative since developers get the freedom to integrate any number of IBM I applications from the running databases in order to make new unique applications. It helps with the purpose of attracting more users


3 Best Benefits Of Modernizing All IBM I Applications


Other than increasing the productivity, modernizing the IBM operating system offers the following benefits that are worth a mention.


  1. Modern apps and tools reduce human effort and also the risk of human errors
  2. Staff productivity increases because apps handle half the work. It helps the business to grow exponentially
  3. They make the website extremely navigable with minimum buffering time to give users a unique experience