How to increase the speed of internet through Wi-Fi? Accelerate your wireless Internet

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If you are facing the internet speed issue of Suddenlink Wi-Fi internet connection, then there are some tips for you which may help you to increase the internet speed. Also, you need to do Etisalat speed test to check the difference of internet speed after following our tips.

Providing you with some tips that will help you increase your Etisalat Wi-Fi speed.

  1. Move the router.

You will get a slow speed internet speed if your router is placed somewhere under the sofa or hidden in the corner of the room. Not everyone likes that an ugly box spoils the beautiful look of the room. But if you need good Wi-Fi, you must give the router a good place.

Place the router in the middle of the house or apartment.

The best place for the router is in the middle of your home. If possible, connect a telephone cable extension and move the router so that it is approximately reached in the center and as high as possible from the floor. This will provide a strong and fast Wi-Fi signal throughout the house.

  1. Eliminate interference.

Wi-Fi can be unstable and in ideal conditions. But you will worsen it signals if you place Cordless phones, a Microwave oven, and Bluetooth devices near the router.

  1. Use the fastest settings.

You will need to set some settings manually because only the best routers can provide the highest possible speed automatically. If your router is dual-band, it can transmit a signal at 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. You need to enter the settings to set the display of the two bands.

  1. Change the antenna.

Some routers have removable antennas. In this case, you can buy an antenna with high gain, which will provide you with a faster and stronger Wi-Fi signal. This method that will help you even if there is no possibility to physically move the router to another place. You need to make a reflector and place it behind the router. The signal will be reflected from the reflector and sent in the opposite direction.

  1. Restart the router from time to time.

This old trick helps to cure many problems, including returning Wi-Fi to its former speed. In this case, all devices are disconnected from the network and then reconnected. It is also useful to change the default password.

  1. Update your router.

And finally, if you have an old model, it’s time to buy something better. Wi-Fi technology has come a long way in recent years, so there are several improvement options.

One of them is to purchase a model using 802.11ac. Such a router is guaranteed to increase coverage and speed. Unfortunately, not all devices except high-tech smartphones, tablets and laptops support 802.11ac, so they will use the slower 802.11n standard, supported by all existing routers.

After following these tips, we recommend you do another Etisalat speed test of your Wi-Fi connection, and you will see a significant difference in the speed of your Wi-Fi connection.