How to Edit Images Using Photos on Mac

The information of the color and brightness of an image is stored in pixels. Pixels or a grid of picture elements is used to store information of an image in the computer. Image editors use sophisticated algorithms to change the pixels in many ways to enhance an image.

Automatic image enhancement tool

This tool can be found in almost every image editor program nowadays. This tool can be used to correct some hue, color and brightness imbalances automatically. And can also perform some other corrections like red-eye removal, sharpness adjustments, automatic cropping, etc. with just one click.

However, this feature can be found in almost every image editor; it depends upon the program of how well this feature will work. So, let’s talk about one such program which most people don’t know of yet.

Photos built-in image editor for Mac

Photos is a quite powerful but less acknowledged program that Apple’s Mac has offered. Most people don’t know what it’s capable of. Photos get ignored by people because it’s an in-built app and people think it’s just like any other in-built app. However, you will be amazed after knowing what Photos is capable of.

Some basic features you can use in Photos

  • You can adjust brightness and color saturation.
  • You can turn a color photo into black and white.
  • You can also use advanced features like histogram, sharpen, definition, noise reduction, vignette, white balance, and
  • You can use selective color.
  • You can quickly retouch your image.
  • You can correct red-eye.
  • You can add filters to your picture

So, these are some basic and advanced features of Photos on Mac. If you want to learn more about how to edit photos on mac, you can search on