How Should You Update the Firmware of Security Cameras?

The gear that we use today like an audio/video device or some security camera needs to be taken care of in a similar manner as the system software. The manufacturers of these devices often come out with the improvements to the programs that run these devices. These programs are called firmware.

The updation of firmware is important to safeguard these devices from bugs and other security vulnerabilities. For instance, let’s assume that you have a Hikvision IP camera installed. Now as Hikvision is dedicated to providing its customers with tools that ensure a secure system, they keep fixing the Hikvision vulnerabilities whenever they find one. For this, they release the newer version and you need to update your firmware to that latest version.

Let us see in detail how you can update the firmware of say an IP camera. The main benefit of an IP camera is remote administration, which can be done from any location.

  1. Find the IP Address of your recorder. In case you are not aware of it, go to System Setup > Network Setup > General Settings and here your IP address will be listed.
  2. Find the IP Camera firmware you need to update and download it on your computer.
  3. Once the update is downloaded, you need to upload the firmware to your security camera. For this, connect the recorder as well as your computer to the same network. Log in to your security camera and then click on ‘System’ followed by the software version. Now navigate to the location where you have downloaded the update and click ‘Ok’ followed by the upgrade.
  4. Once the upgrade is done, reset the camera to factory settings. This will ensure that all existing configuration settings are overwritten.
  5. Once this is completed, restart the recorder.

These days, you also have security cameras with built-in software that directly interacts with the cloud. In such cases, you just need to access your cloud account and update happens on its own.

Having just the security camera in place is not enough. Care should be taken to update them on a regular basis for complete security. If you are not vigilant enough to get these updates, your security camera might be vulnerable to unexpected hacks or you could be open to security threats due to your carelessness. So, make sure that you promptly update the firmware of your security camera.