How Can You Become A Celebrity By Using Social Media?

Being recognized in the street and loved by everyone, is quite a reason to dream. It would amaze friends, and make mom proud of us, but be careful because this dream can only be ideal. Everyone wants to go on TV to make themselves known, but none comes out unscathed, or almost, but what drives us so much to want to become famous?

Why this Desire to be Famous?

An entire generation was born with reality TV as a television series, each character, instead of being played by real actors, is just another person in everyday life, like you and me. For several weeks, these “candidates” make the headlines and are then run by the celebrity photographer. Of course, we come to say to ourselves, in the entertainment industry for example music, not all are very good singers, but most of them have become Stars, so why not me? So we do everything and anything to experience a bit of glory, and try to be noticed.

Going on TV is a challenge, the taste of ephemeral notoriety, which will try to make it last as long it can, is a problem. Then the celebrity brings richness and openness to VIP parties, a kind of gateway to the showbiz. Then we can show girlfriends that we spend in our favorite weekly! Why this attraction? One way, no doubt, to escape from classes and homework at night. It seems easy, within everyone’s reach, and it takes us far from our daily grind.

What Makes us Dream

Meet famous people, create a social group, accumulate as many likes as possible using free Instagram likes, to become independent, have money easily, the pride of parents, etc. Celebrity brings together everything a young person dreams about! It also allows him to show himself to be heard. But that’s not all. Celebrity, synonymous with recognition, gives a feeling of power, of superiority, it is no longer “the son of” but an anonymous one, who sometimes even comes from a modest background, which touches with the end of the fingers that medium which seems so close.

Television is not the only springboard that leads straight to fame. There is now the Internet buzz that propels a person to the top. To be known is not to have a normal life, to go out of the ordinary, to be different. It is these feelings and feelings that can attract people, in search of spice to put into their lives.

Is Worth It?

The effects are still palpable. Just look at most celebrities we could follow in the process of achieving a lot, merely seeing them and going through their profiles online motivates us and tends to push us towards greatness, and this will make us think of creative ways towards achieving it. The idea is to move out of our comfort zone, and get to try out new things, we are so much stronger and better in these moments, that we putting in our best to work will definitely shoot us towards great success.