Herolocity Review: Automatic PSD to HTML Platform

Agency365, one of Herolocity’s three products for empowering complete business automation, is intended to convert any website design into a completely functional website in less than half a minute, followed by extending the 365 platform to user’s customers under their brand name.

PSD to HTML Platform

Intended for both standalone designers and large agencies, Herolocity’s PSD to HTML web development platform facilitates cost and time saving in the business development cycle and allows users to benefit from a platform where pixel-perfect design is transformed into an entirely functional WC3 accommodation without any shenanigans, shortcuts and compromises on the overall quality and user experience for any device. The website design is extended to customer management platform to the user’s customers under their own brand name.

The procedure is straightforward, highly customizable and flexible. The user chooses his or her own design and approach, drags and drops PSD, chooses the desired features and elements to attain a fully functional, visually appealing website. Agency365 works like a charm, especially since the clients have the complete autonomy over their web presence management in a simple user interface and limitless features thanks to the 365 platform. Images, texts and social features can be easily adjusted, added and updated.

Furthermore, HTML can be directly edited and customizations can be made on an advanced level in no time owing to the access of a diverse range of developmental tools. The design is yours but its mechanics, cost control and revenue increment all are handled by the 365 development platform, which means the client has complete control over their webpage without any limitations or restrictions. Herolocity’s PSD to HTML web development platform is therefore a solution for users looking for countless options of management and maintenance of their customers.

Moreover, customers of Agency365 users can add more than 100 web apps that are free of cost to automate the daily operations and change the way work is done. A cloud phone system, online scheduling and payments, newsletter, a support system and many other features remain at the users’ disposal. The whole procedure is simple and user-friendly where the customer’s design and requirements are precisely taken into account. PSD is then dragged and dropped, elements and features selected and the procedure is complete!



The Agency365 package comes with multiple beneficial features that include:

  • Cloud Hosting: Your webpage is hosted via the 365 platform for fast and unparalleled connectivity.
  • Business E-mail: Allows for easy creation, management and access of business email accounts from any device and any location.
  • Analytics: With the help of the Analytics App, you can assess the entire presence, traffic and in-depth insight of your website with considerable ease.
  • Automatic Updates: Apps are updated automatically and without any interruption to provide the clients with the latest features and an enhanced user experience.

Why Agency365?

Agency365 helps transform your business within a time span ranging from 3 days to a mere 30 seconds. It does this by reducing developmental costs since the need to hire and manage manual labor is almost eliminated thus leading to curtailed overhead expenses. Also, a switch from physical labor to automation minimizes the room for inaccuracy and human errors and again in turn results in less wastage and improved overall efficiency. Decreased costs and increased efficiency are ultimate contributors to increased revenue and business profits.

If you run a startup, you can economize about 6% of the most critical initial costs with Agency365 and get to the target market faster. Since Agency365 offers easy website management, installation of over 100 web applications, emails, domains, hosting and more, your business can benefit from countless features. Some of the interesting features include CRM, online payments, online appointment scheduling, shopping cart, food ordering, support system, event booking and recruiting.

The Privacy Concern

As far as the matter of privacy is concerned, security is seriously taken at Herolocity. The business’ entire platform is hosted with Amazon Web Services, the go-to service providers of major companies relying on mission-critical applications and Encryption for the protection of their clients’ information.

How is Agency365 Different

Automatic PSD to HTML software and technology have suffered bad press in the past and are therefore considered controversial in the design and development community. While the mainstream PSD to HTML software is directly embedded in Photoshop, Agency365 takes a totally different approach and is here to break through the typical misconception.

The product is different since it accepts layered Photoshop files and allows users to upload it to the 365 platform from where they will be then able to match Photoshop layers with pre-defined features and elements.

Various Herolocity reviews regarding its products show overall positive customer feedback and the business currently serves more than 23,000 customers. Their other products include Website365 and Automate365, both with the purpose of improving business efficiency and reducing overall costs through its daily operations.

For more information, check out https://www.herolocity.com