Guide to Retouching Your Photos with Movavi Photo Editor

Movavi Photo Editor is suitable for use in editing photos for personal or work. If you are a web designer, you can use the software to edit web images for your clients. People who have a habit of taking a lot of photos in the country where they are on vacation will find the software handy as it allows them to quickly edit the photos and share them with their friends on the social media. Movavi Photo Editor is useful for editing the small blemishes on photos that you want to use for brochures.


Movavi Photo Editor is designed to help you complete your photo editing work in the shortest timeframe. You can open more than one image files to edit them. If you open more than one image file, you can use the left and right arrows at the bottom to go from one photo to another. Clicking on the hand icon at the bottom allows you to move the photo as you edit it. You can zoom in or zoom out on the photo by using the percentage slider. There is a refresh button which you can click if you don’t see any changes applied on the photo after editing it.

The object removal tool and background removal tool are the two key features in the picture editing software. The object removal tool allows you to remove objects that are not supposed to be in the photo. For example, you want to display a photo of you and your friend posing at a landmark but there happens to be passerby that walk across. You didn’t notice the passerby and just snap the photo once. With the object removal tool, you can remove the stranger that walk pass you so that the photo only show you and your friend just as you wanted.

The background removal tool is a great tool for creating GIF images with transparent background. You don’t have to spend hours using an eraser to erase away the background. The tool will remove the background professionally without making intrusion on the main subject of the photo. You simply draw a rough silhouette on the main subject that you want to retain. The background that you want to discard should be marked with the red brush. The software will automatically identify the pattern in the background and remove it. You can add any new background that match with the main subject of the photo after removing the original background.

As you adjust the photo, you will be able to see its changes in the preview pane. Movavi Photo Editor works fast and save you a lot of time when you have a lot of photos to edit. The software comes with its own collection of font styles but the font styles installed on your computer will also display in the available font list. Captions can be rotated or moved around the photo during editing. You can download the trial version of Movavi Photo Editor from the official site to test some of the features.