Download Archive Manager with the Free User License

Archive Manager by MLtex is the go-to solution for the archiving of old files and moving them somewhere else so they are not taking up prime space. MLtex Archive Manager was designed to offer a more flexible way to archive extremely large quantities of files to anywhere you want to store them.

Effective and reliable

This is just a highly cost effective, reliable and yet very simple solution for archiving all those files that any company collects over months and years. This software package is unlike other products for archiving as it does not develop a database system for management. Therefore it is fast and simply the best product on the market.

You will discover

MLtex believes so much in this product that they will give you free license in order to try Archive Manager out. They do this because they know you will discover:

  • This is the most effective archiving solution for Windows file server on the market today;
  • You will be able to move files from any UNC pathway to any other UNC pathway;
  • You will be able to use some older storage device that is just going to waste;
  • Allows you to archive into a new share on 1st tier storage;
  • Let’s you compress old files to save space;
  • Archive Manager includes several types of stubs that are left behind in place of any archived file;
  • Very unique daily maintenance task that will return files recently used to the live file system, and will exactly replicate files as well as folder permissions from the live system.

Large user base

Archive Manager is an established product that has a significant user base. This program is used by many types of companies from financial organizations to law-enforcement located in over 40 different countries.

Handles huge storage systems

This software is capable of handling huge storage systems with the largest one currently managed by this program is 3.4 PetaBytes.


Archive Manager offers this program with:

  • Perpetual licenses
  • Subscription licenses
  • Free user licenses

Yes, free (you read that right) – this company doesn’t want your company to buy Archive Manager and not be happy with it – so you can try it out first. Click here for more information.