Domain Authority Checker Tool- Powerful Resource for Online Marketers

Domain authority (DA) is a score that determines the ability of a website/domain i.e. predict how a site will rank on search engines. It uses a 0-100 logarithmic scale that makes it easy for a webmaster to grow their website scores. Higher the score of DA means more will be the chances to rank the complete site or all the web pages at much better position in search engine results.

Might be some people consider domain authority and page authority to be same. No, these are not the same. DA determines the predictive ranking strength of the complete domains or subdomains while on the other hand, Page Authority (PA) predicts the strength of the only individual page. Checking the DA is highly important while tracking the strength of a site or comparing one website with another one. Domain authority can be measured in an easier and quick way without the need of hiring any professionally trained expert, gaining the technical knowledge or taking expensive services from any company.

There are numbers of domain authority tools available on various online marketing and SEO platforms. SEO Services India brings the unique, reliable, and user-friendly tool for checking the domain authority (DA) for free of cost.Image result for Domain Authority Checker Tool- Powerful Resource for Online Marketers

What is Domain Authority Checker Tool?

The excellent free online tool designed by the leading companies to determine how well a website will rank or perform in search engines. This is the only trusted tool that tells about the success of a website in just a couple of seconds. Webmaster or business owner can check the authority of up-to 20 links or domains at the same time by using the reliable tool provided by reputable SEO Company in India.  

Why it is important to check domain authority

Domain authority is the backbone of Search Engine Optimization. Checking the DA helps online marketers, SEO experts or webmaster with their brand marketing, social marketing, and search. The complete analytic reports can be improved in just a few seconds with the most powerful resource of domain authority checker. Just like the Google’s algorithm that takes various considerable factors into mind for website ranking, domain authority is believed as the peak of SEO metrics in today’s competitive online age. As an online marketer cannot track every factor that influences domain authority by themselves hence it becomes extremely beneficial to use domain authority checker tool.

How Domain Authority Checker Tool Works

Domain Authority Checker tool as depicts from its name check the authority of domain and generate the comprehensive report showing the strength of each website. The tool combines the strength of given domain with other metrics such as page authority and numbers of total links to determine how strong of a presence does your website has. All a user need to do is just simply put the links up-to 20 each on a separate line, enter the code for image verification and hit the submit button with no user sign up or registration.     


If you want to determine which website has more powerful link profiles than others, use DA checker tool that helps you rank well for queries in Google and other search engines.