Cars to fit every budget are available on Truebil

Everybody living in a metropolitan city like Bangalore does not have a high budget to buy a car to suit their needs. But the dilemma is that in a metropolitan city, having a car is not actually a luxury but a necessity.

With the wide expansion of the cities, it becomes very difficult to travel in the daily life so one needs a car.

Are you looking for a car but feel embarrassed to go to a dealer because of your low budget?

Truebil is the perfect place for you where you can actually get cars at affordable prices and even if your budget is as low as 1 lac, there is no need to feel disappointed because you just need to click used Hyundai Verna car Bangalore 1 lakh on the website and a number of car option will pop out on your screen.

You might find it unbelievable but it is true and the cars shown are quality assured and properly tested by the team of engineers at Truebil giving you no chance to worry about the quality.

Service warranty

There are many online websites currently for the sale and purchase of cars online but none of them provides offers like one year free service warranty which is a reality on Truebil.

Car for every buyer

The motto of the company is to provide a car for every budget and to everybody who requires one. Even under a budget of 1 lakh you can get a car on this website. You can choose amongst the options and finalize after taking a test drive. You even get to meet the seller and negotiate the price face to face with the seller. Additionally, services like insurance renewals and post sale paperwork is assisted by the team of Truebil at no extra commission charges.