Buying Used Cars: A Smart Move Or A Bad Decision?

The idea of buying a new car can be very tempting, but you cannot deny the fact that they come with a huge price tag. This is where people with a tight budget falls into the dilemma of whether to buy a new car or a used one. Now, the thing is both used, and new cars come with their fair share of pros and cons. It’s you who have to decide which one to go for: a used car or a new car. To help you out with this, I have listed the pros and cons of both used and new cars below. Have a look at it, to get a better idea.

Pros of Buying a Used Car

  • The cost of buying a used car will definitely be less expensive than buying a new model.
  • In comparison to new cars, the depreciation value of used cars is much lesser.
  • The cost of getting a used car insured is much lesser than that of a brand new car.

Cons of Buying A Used Car

  • The cost of maintaining a used car is usually higher than that of a new car.
  • A used car may lack in latest gadgets and new features.

Pros of Buying A New Car

  • The feeling of driving a new car without having to worry about any past problems associated with the car.
  • A new car comes equipped with the latest gadgets, features, and accessories.
  • A new car also comes with a warranty issued by the manufacturer.

Cons of Buying A New Car

  • The price is much higher than that of a used car.
  • A new car loses it value by 30-40 percent the moment you purchase it.
  • The cost insuring a new car will fall heavy on the pockets.

For people who are on a tight budget, it is advisable for them to go for a used car. Nowadays, with the development of the auto industry, one can get used cars with proper certification. So, if you are planning to get a used car, then you can buy used Toyota Innova in Bangalore at best prices.