Apparel Shopping..? Get your clothes delivered in no time

The apparel sector has seen a boom in the last decade due to the rise of the online retailers. The inclusion of apparels as a category with such retailers has boosted up the sales in leaps and bounds. Initially, e-retailers were restricted to the selling of Fast Moving Consumer Durables only. But with consumer’s demand and the greater percentage of marginal profit several e-retailers have either included apparels as a category into their assortment or have they opened a separate website to market apparels.

The inclusion of apparels were however restricted to a specific genre of products but nowadays getting clothes of different brand, purpose and price points are available. It may look quite silly for people buying pajamas online, but this is the scenario and why not if they get what they want with the e-retailers, rather visiting any conventional apparel shop.

The advantages of e-retailers to the apparel industry are –

  1. Spread – Initially apparels were sold through shops and malls with relevant promotions and advertisement. With e-retailers gaining scope, the spread of consumer bas has widened magnanimously. With varieties being made available all over a country within a huge consumer base.
  2. Assortment – Initially, separate shops were dedicated for separate category of apparels. But, all such differences have been integrated with such retailers. All categories of articles being available in one portal only. For e.g. a person has to visit the same portal of site for as simple as buying pajamas online or getting a branded shirt.
  3. Volume – With the larger customer base, the spread and penetration of such apparels have been much magnified providing an effective volume of sales.
  4. Promotion – The portals are designed in a way to promote several brands and their relevant schemes. Even they timely flash limited discounts upon several categories to secure extra throughput.

Though, advantageous to the business point of view consumers are sometimes affected. As the backend of such e-retailers are organized by physical manpower, a slight mistake in order judgment/ pickup can end up in delivering wrong and damaged articles to consumers.

It is evident for these e-retailers to stay from the point of view of customer service and attendance. The intensity in which they prioritize customers’ view point is the main fuel to their business, getting precise logistic support and control with bare minimum shortfalls along-with the best quality and exact quantity delivered is what has kept them growing and surviving.