A Fairy Tale Of The Twentieth Century

Following the Great Wars of the early Twentieth century, communities started rebuilding themselves, and the flow of migrant workers, professionals and students reached new heights unseen till the time. Physical modes of communication such as letters and postcards were increasingly been dubbed as unreliable, slow, and completely incapable of providing real time information to people separated by huge geographical distances.

About global communication systems

The dire situation necessitated the development of telephones, where wires running the span of tens of hundreds of kilometers would deliver messages with just two users sitting at the two ends. However, as the world progressed, even this proved to be inefficient, and more channels propped up leading to global communication systems as we know of today.

This whole procedure of establishing communication lines, to rapidly upgrading and invention of new concepts, materializing them into something more efficient is the ultimate goal of social engineering. The concept of people search has been at the forefront of pushing through radical new technologies of communication, perhaps unmatched by any other necessities of humankind. The demands of people to be connected to others have been so great that ideas once seem too far-fetched has been brought to reality within a generation.

How People Search Became a Driving Force in Commerce:

  • Technology based communication

It doesn’t matter how long people have been making strides in incorporation of radical new technologies for better and efficient communication, once the technologies are up and running for the civilian market, newer demands are being raised for even better communication experience. This urge to be connected and know people at all times has brought out the best till time being in business opportunities the world has ever seen. The social media giants operating throughout the globe, their huge database of information, as well as the pressure to reach the billions of people who still remain out of the coverage area, but aspire to be connected via these platforms are billion dollar business opportunities, around which future empires are being built.

  • Digital information

People search is driving the amount of digital information being stored, accessed, uploaded, and upgraded on a daily basis, thus providing unmatched and previously unseen opportunities of commercial interests to global corporations. The basis of such demands stem from a trait which we have carried forward from our ancestors, the urge to know more about other people; no wonder the prospects of quenching this thirst for knowledge and building connections is driving many corporations to gain foothold in this rapidly expanding field.

It might be worthwhile to know that though majority of the social media platforms differ by a vast margin from platforms offering people search solutions, both these platforms are by their very nature search engines of people to people contact. It would be suffice to say that no single platform is capable to provide every requirement of the different voices of a society, hence the difference between social media and platforms dedicated to finding people. The architecture of such platforms provides the basis to dig deeper, and establish bonds using a host of other tools available in the form of digitized social engineering.