5 Rock Solid Social Media Marketing Ideas To Boost Business Reach

You may have created a solid social media profile and created some content around it. Means, you’re ready to utilize social media to achieve your business goals.  But the question is- where and how. Most businesses fail to get exposure on social media, despite a great profile and quality content. This is why, it’s crucial to choose the right social media channels and a tested strategy to promote your business.

How To Boost Your Social Media Presence

There’re so many ways to promote business on social media, but here I am listing some that I believe are really useful.

  1. Be Specific About The Channels:

One of my clients once asked me why should we not create our business profiles on every popular social network available. His inquisitiveness wasn’t surprising as every business does this. They create social profiles in bulk and start throwing content. It annoys users and hurts prospects.


If you really want to utilize social media for business promotion, then be specific about channels. Devote some time to research your audience’s social preferences. Put simply,  find out the social channels that are popular with your audience. Explore the platforms where your potential customers are most active.

For example, if you’re running a recruitment firm, LinkedIn may bring better results for you than Pinterest or Twitter.

You should also research which networks are delivering the most value for your business. Find out 4-5 top social media channels where your target audience is actively participating. Wasting time, energy and investment in irrelevant social channels is of no use.

  1. Don’t Mix Business Profiles With Personal One:

The title is self explanatory.  Keep your business profile limited to your business content. Why should your client be interested in how good you’re at cooking.Sharing  your latest recipe on your business profile will hardly bring any value as your clients  are more interested in their returns on investment. I’ll recommend to separate your personal account from business accounts.

This will help you target the right people who would be interested in your offerings. Do remember, without right audience targeting, you can’t achieve your business goals.

  1. Let People Share Your Content:

Social media marketing is all about getting your content shared and exposed to your audience. You’re already doing it via your various social profiles, let other people also spread it. If you own a blog and post worth-reading content on a regular basis,  allow people to share it through distinctly visible social media share buttons. You could even add a simple call-to-action above them asking readers to connect. LinkedIn Pulse and YouTube channels allow adding links to your content at a certain place. This is a great way to promote your business via these channels.


  1. Share Links in Email:

Apart from using social buttons on blogs and websites, you can share your social profile links through emails. Add social profile links in custom signatures that you put in your email while running an email campaign. This gives your recipients a way to follow you. There are services available that can be used to add your profile buttons in custom signatures to make them stand out.

  1. Employ Proper Hashtags:

Adding proper hashtags to your content broadens its reach. Hashtags help your posts to show up when people search content around certain keywords. Before putting a hashtag strategy in place, you should do a little research to find the most relevant hashtags for your brand. You may also observe your closest competitors to find what hashtags they are using. Don’t go overboard while using them, keep the number of hashtags limited to 2 or 3.

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