4 Common Mobile App Development Mistakes

If you own a business and you have not made the move to a mobile platform now is as good a time as any.  Indeed, even businesses that do not necessarily require a mobile web presence could still benefit from a solid mobile application.  The reason for this of course is, first of all, there are actually more people who use mobile devices in the world than there are who use traditional computers.

But it is probably already pretty obvious to you, the benefits of having QuickSeries custom apps.  What may not be quite so obvious, however, is the number of common mistakes that many people make that could actually serve to ruin your app and possibly the whole of your business, too.Image result for 4 Common Mobile App Development Mistakes

MISTAKE #1:  Compare Platforms

Basically, you need to carefully examine the benefits and obstacles to success with Apple’s iOS platform and Google’s Android platform.  These are two extremely difference mobile landscapes—perhaps diametrically opposed in some ways—which means a developer will encounter different problem sets and different opportunities when trying to build in each of these environments.  

You are also going to want to make sure that you are building within the right platform and that you are building at the right pace.  While Apple iOS is popular in the United States, for example, Android is widely the most popular across the globe.  If you never plan to take your business global, iOS could serve you fine; but if you are looking at wide expansion, you might find that building in iOS is more costly than Android.

MISTAKE #2:  Mobile vs Full Web

Basically, just remember that most of the people in the world access the web on a mobile device. That means you need your app and website maximized for mobile use. And that means you want to limit the size of your app and website so it can run quickly and with little issues on mobile devices.

MISTAKE #3:  Never Ignore Analytics

Always consult Google Analytics to see what types of data is attracting the most visitors.  Also look for what data is actually converting unique visitors to new dollars.  

MISTAKE #4:  Never Ignore Monetization

You might not be looking at monetization methods at first but don’t just ignore it. Build this into the app so that when the time comes to launch that aspect of your app, you are already prepared for it.

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