3 IoT Technologies That Improve Roadway Safety

Even professional drivers would tell you that driving is a risky business. It doesn’t matter how careful you are; there’s always the risk of getting involved in a traffic accident. Fortunately, with the rise of autonomous vehicles, it is expected that there would be a decrease in fatalities once it hits the road. Likewise, there’s plenty of IoT solutions that could help drivers stay safe and avoid accidents. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the IoT solutions that improve roadway safety.

1. Energy-Efficient Smart Roads

Technology is everywhere– with advances in automation, mobile, and cars, all of these are taking advantage of the power of technology in one way or another. There’s a lot of things that make our roads eco-friendly and more efficient– that is, with the help of IoT technology. Ranging from smart traffic cones to traffic lights, some bright minds have developed ways on how to make the road behave based on its surroundings, like car and pedestrian traffic. Basically, with “smart” road, sensors would be embedded in a way where it would proactively switch the road lighting, as well as the overhead signs on and off to prevent accidents.

These road lighting would be connected to weight, light, or motion-based sensors that would only light up in a specific area when there’s passing traffic. Aside from that, these people are also trying to make roads extra smart by enabling road lighting based on the draft caused by passing vehicles, or even the heat emitted by the tires.

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If you’ll think about it, the potential energy savings that could be enjoyed from these is immense for the government agencies to pay more attention to improving and implementing this technology.

This concept works remarkably well because when a vehicle approaches a stretch of road, the embedded sensor would automatically light up, and it would get brighter while the car approaches, and dimmer as it passes. This would prevent vehicular accidents in busy less-traveled by lanes, and even in the inner roads.

2. Fleet Management

For road crews, and transportation safety officials, the use of data generated from IoT management system could help in the deployment of resources that would keep the roads safe for everyone. This holds true especially in areas with heavy snow, because by being able to accurately allocate resources to roadways before lousy weather could ensure a safer and more efficient road clearing conditions.

Aside from that, IoT technology can also be used to provide that those who have to work on roadways have the necessary equipment and resources to stay safe and well-protected, especially during dangerous situations.

Heavy snows, fallen trees, and flooded roads are just some of the problems that can be hazardous and should be cleared out as soon as possible. With proper deployment, one could lessen the danger as he/she would be able to ensure that the workers are wearing the right equipment to stay safe while in operation.

Also, the data provided by the IoT fleet management systems are also capable of improving not only the safety of fleet operations but other vehicles on the road as well. It doesn’t matter if it’s through up-to-date an accurate data, or traffic patterns, rest assured that road crews have everything they need to handle the job safely. IoT technology could help fleet managers increase the safety of their operations even more.

3. Smart Solutions for Hazardous Conditions

IoT technology integrated machines are the newest trend when it comes to roadway safety because these are capable of lending a hand right where and when it’s needed to avoid crashes and accidents, especially in foggy roads.

These systems are connected to smart devices capable of sensing traffic speed, fog, and other essential measurements; that when paired with illuminated traffic warning signs, these are activated and the fog rolls in. Iot equipment and devices are beneficial, especially when the weather is terrible, and other rough conditioning that could be dangerous to motorists.

Improving Roadway Safety With Emerging Technology

With the help of IoT technology, the roadways will be safer than ever. This would be more noticeable, especially when autonomous vehicles begin to rule the road. For instance, adaptive cruise control would improve traffic flow, even if there are still manual vehicles on the road.

However, it’s also important to consider that the increase in communication between cars and the increased levels of autonomy in human-driven cars might be a problem at first. Though, with enough research and improvement, this problem wouldn’t even be noticeable after a while.

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