The main modifications (add-ons) for playing in the arena.

Battles in the arena, conducted in the game World of Warcraft is very exciting process. Here the player with the player (PVP) is fighting. Raising the level of the character is necessary to obtain the appropriate rating. You can buy wow boost at The price of this service is quite democratic, and the benefits are very high.

Consider the existing modifications necessary for playing in the arena.

  1. Gladius. A popular modification that displays the scope of portraits of rivals. This add-on notifies about the onset of a variety of events. A useful thing in it is the mapping of superimposed effects. Icons that have a high value will be on top of all the others. This method of distribution helps to find the right one if there are several effects on the target, but only one is important.
  2. CCtracker. This add-on serves as a kind of monitoring trail, established for your team or opponent. Using certain symbols on the keyboard, you will be able to observe and respond in a timely manner to the imposition of effects in order to stay alive as long as possible.
  3. Diminishing Returns. The inability to perceive control is tracked with its help. Works very well in a duet with Gladius and is easy to set up. This add-on is an excellent solution for classes that do not have time for rest or recharging (cool down).
  4. Spell Alerter monitors the spells cast by the enemy. In alerts, you can remove unnecessary spells or add new ones, those that you need. This action is necessary so that during the game (conducting battles) Spell Alerter does not spam. The advantage of this add-on in front of others is that it can show who can cast a spell on whom. With him, it is easy to follow the enemy and his actions. But the disadvantage is the impossibility of choosing a particular adversary in order to keep track of his castes.
  5. Modification Quartz will be able to help solve this problem, because it is with its help that you can track specifically selected enemy and the spells he cast.
  6. InterruptBar. This modification of the interface helps to pronounce your spells, not being afraid that they will be interrupted by opponents.
  7. Aloft. This add-on changes the appearance of the stripes of health over your rival and partner. He can take away some annoying plates. It differs in the complexity of the setting.

You can check the work of all the modifications reviewed in the test version, then to start a full-fledged game. To get more effect from World of Warcraft, you will need to buy boost wow, which will help you to significantly raise the level of the character, conduct battles and win points.

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