Smartphone- As a key in hospitality world

Welcome to OpenKey! Keyless Room Entry Using Your Smartphone. Lets us know about the app before jumping into their features and uses. The birth year of OpenKey is 2014. This app is trying to provide unique experience in hospitality industry through its mobile access solution. Hotels and their guests will be getting lot of benefits out this app OpenKeys provide easy guest access to their room and you will be paired with existing hotel mobile offerings.

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 OpenKey Company gets major financial assistants from 12 largest hotel chains and management companies in the world. It is a private owned company in Plano, TX.  This app can be installed in both IOS and android phones.

If you have installed this app in your phone it will help to Skip the Front Desk with Remote Check-in or Request a Late Checkout with the latest release of openkey app version 2.0 providing wonderful experience to the guests. This app helps the guest to check in, you can call the front desk directly, can confirm your id and also the estimation times of the guest check in.

Open key app is one of the app were you can easily share “Keys” with Friends & Family. If you download this from any corner of the world you can book the room to your friends and family. You can also chick in and gain access to their hotel rooms other hotel amenities. Here you mobile acts as key to unlock the room door. This will reduce the inconvenience and help to experience what hotel has to offer.

This app will provide Keyless entry at all OpenKey enabled hotels. According to the recent survey made by OpenKey company major hotel brands in the world are adopting this mobile key technology to provide handsome experience to their guests. It will also provide access to the entire hotels world wide who has adopted this technology. This app will concentrate on quick access to guests and cost –efficiency too.

OpenKey App Commercial – Unlock Travel Intelligence 60 Sec from Solarity Studios on Vimeo.

 The mobile Key revolution is already started and don’t get left behind. To know more about this OpenKey -unlock travel intelligence install the app in your mobile or you can poke into to know more about the company and its revolutionary steps.

Tips: If you have any confusion in downloading this app or you haven’t downloaded the app of keyless entry, take the assistance from the hotel team to install it or check with openkey team members.

Here is the company website and details. This OpenKey is directed By Alex Kinter. For more information contact and ring up 469-786-5408.

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